Features - Chatana Apangmati Vikas Sanstha Kolhapur

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Some salient features

  • The institute has been recognized by the Department of Social Welfare of Govt. of Maharashtra.
  • All students are provided education and vocational training free of cost.
  • There is a full- fledged medical panel of experts from various fields of medicine, who offer their services free of cost.
  • Special curriculum for the school and the rehabilitation centre.
  • Special wing for home science training.
  • Chetana Bazaar.
  • Qualified and trained staff.
  • Stipend is paid to the children working at the vocational training centre.
  • Special emphasis on personality development through therapies like music, dance, drama and sports.
  • Concentrated and intensive efforts to enrich the world of experience of the Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
Chetana Apangmati Vikas Sanstha, Kolhapur.
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