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Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (PWIDD) are probably one of the most neglected sections of our society. Perhaps no other group of suffering human beings has existed for so long a time outside mainstream society. Fortunately, this situation is gradually changing in a positive direction due to the efforts of NGOs. This is reflected in the appropriate responses of the Central and State governments, enlightened perspectives of the parents and a reasonable awareness in the society.

Yet, a lot of ground remains to be covered. There is a great need to bring about a basic change in our perception and orientation of this problem of Intellectual Disability. We have taken on a small initiative towards the enormous need.
चेतना गीत
'तनमनाच्या मंदिरी या जागवू या चेतना'
गीत : पवन खेबुडकर संगीत : अशोक पत्की
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Few things about Intellectual and Developmental Disability.

The intellectually disabled constitute around 2% of our population. Intellectual disability is not an illness or disease. It is a kind of disability just like deafness or blindness. It's a sort of disability which leads to limited mental as well as physical activities.

These children remain a life-long responsibility for the parents. The only way to tackle this problem is to make these children self-reliant, confident, independent and self sufficient through a special education policy.
This is the direction in which Chetana Apangmati Vikas Sanstha has been working over the years in Kolhapur, a district place in Maharashtra (India).
Chetana Apangmati Vikas Sanstha, Kolhapur.
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